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Single clicking on the above email address will cause your email program to start up (if it's not already running) and it will fill in the TO: box for you with the proper address. Here's what it looks like after you click on the above link but before YOU type in the word subscribe in the SUBJECT box. After typing that, hit the send button.

You will receive a confirmation by return email. To unsubscribe, for example, when you change email addresses, click on the same link from your about-to-be-abandoned email address but type in unsubscribe in the SUBJECT box. Then from your NEW email account, subscribe again. The old email address gets taken off, the new added. DO NOT send this or CC: to my personal email address, send only to

Please help me spend less time maintaining email addresses by signing up on the automatic list. This way, I only send ONE email instead of HUNDREDS. It literally takes hours to send them all. Please read the rest of this page too to find out about this auto-email list.

You'll be registered to receive automatic notices about the Annual All-Awalt Picnic each year. There is no need to put any message in the body of the email, it will be ignored. The process is done by software. It puts your name on a big list and sends you a reply. I don't read or see any of these. That is the beauty of it. This list won't be used for any purpose except to send you information about the annual picnic event for all Awalt graduates.

Please, if you are about to get a new email address, unsubscribe to this list first, then subscribe again with this page to get your new email address listed.

People often send me email asking me to update their email address. Can you imagine doing that for over 500 email addresses? I can't either so I created this automatic list. A software program takes care of it all. If you subscribe, I will thank you for it.